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Dr Mishea is amazing! Being an endurance runner, I continually push my body to it’s limits. Dr. Mishea has helped me reach new heights and achieve all my 2016 goals!
— Billy M
Dr. Mishea cares so much about instilling power and educating communities on true health. Her adjustments are specific, gentle and honoring. I absolutely love getting adjusted by her! If you are looking to expand your health, growth, and evolution, I highly recommend starting care with Dr. Mishea!
— Loren S
Dr. Mishea brings out the joy inside everyone that she meets! I love getting adjusted by her, her connection is incredible and I feel as though she truly listens to what my body is telling her. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to feel empowered in their own bodies again!
— Jessica G
Dr. Mishea is a wonderful doctor and amazing woman! She is passionate about her work as a chiropractor and helping her patients live a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Mishea was a godsend in my pregnancy and having chiropractic care helped enormously with changed pregnancy brings. I can’t say enough good things about her! Please stop by Rise and see for yourself!
— Emily S
Mishea has healing hands that make me feel like the real me. I’ve struggled with lumbar pain for years. Mishea’s adjustments ease the stress and manage the pain. The relief after is the way I was meant to feel. It’s like I got my back back!!
— Mary M

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