Rise Chiropractic is about you.

We want to help you RISE in your health journey through Chiropractic care. Are you ready to discover the healing abilities within you? 

At RISE, every person is served with respect, authenticity and an open heart. Our mission and purpose is to facilitate and empower you towards realizing the healing potential that resides within your body through the use of vitalistic chiropractic methods. We want to help guide you along your transformational journey so that you can RISE above whatever you have been lead to believe and truly experience an extraordinary life!


About Dr. Mishea

Chiropractic has been a major part of Dr. Mishea’s life since the day she was born. Her father, being a chiropractor, gave her her first adjustment at just minutes old. The way she was raised was a little different than those around. Her lifestyle, from an early age, consisted of chiropractic care, an organic plant-based diet, daily exercise and play time, and plenty of sun. She led a really healthy and happy childhood. But what inspired her to become a chiropractor was not how she was raised but through her experience in her father’s practice. She started working as his chiropractic assistant at the age of 15. She witnessed miracle after miracle walk through his office. She had an overwhelming feeling at her young age that this was her life-calling. From that point, she never looked back. School came easy to her because she was following her ultimate dream. She started her Bachelor’s of Biology degree at Eastern Kentucky University, and completed her Bachelor’s at Life University. Life is also where Dr. Mishea graduated as Valedictorian of her Doctorate class. 

Dr. Mishea is not only an advocate of Optimal Living, she practices what she teaches in her every day life. Dr. Mishea loves to compete in running events, from trails to the road. She also loves hiking, practicing yoga, climbing mountains, eating a healthy organic diet, being a lifetime student, and being with her friends and family. Dr. Mishea is a passionate person who is dedicated to seeing her community thrive and RISE.

“What makes my heart sing is helping people, both young and old, realize their true human potential that resides within them. As your chiropractor, I will seek to remove any limitations that may have been placed upon you by instilling the belief that YOU have the power to heal, grow, and thrive in this beautiful life we have all been blessed with! My desire for you is to understand the healing power of your body from the inside-out so that with every visit, you will be raised to a higher level of vibration! I will make it my responsibility to be your support, leader, and guide in your healing journey!” - Dr. Mishea